AERO Towbar Trolley - RJ3

AIN 312649

312649 - AERO Specialties RJ2 Towbar Trolley- includes a complete set of towbars and heads to fit all aircraft from smallest single engine to G550-Global airframes. All newest and latest spec products on rapid deployment trailer.

Towbars and Heads include:
TB1 Towbar ) - 60,000 lb. capacity (27,215 kg.)
TB125 Towbar - 125,000 lb. capacity (56,699 kg.)
Reducing Insert for TB1 & TB125 Towbars - accept 3" ID towbar heads
34R Universal Towbar With Ring Hitch - aircraft up to 14,000 lbs.
BEC2 Towbar Head - Beech King Air; 1900, C-12 Huron and Merlin 11, Emivest (Sino-Swearingen) SJ30-2
BEC3 Towbar Head - Raytheon BeechJet Diamond, 400, & Premier. Can also fit the Sikorsky S76 helicopter with optional pins (AERO Part Number S76). Sikorsky S76 option exchanges the BEC stationary/sliding pins.
CGE Towbar Head - Bombardier Global Express XRS, 5000, 7000, and 8000
CL1R Towbar Head - Bombardier Challenger 600-Series (including 604, 605)
CL3R Towbar Head - Bombardier Challenger 300 and SAAB 340/2000
CNA3 Towbar Head - Cessna Citation I, II, V, SII, 525, Bravo, Ultra, Encore, Mustang, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4 & all Learjet
CNA4 Towbar Head - Cessna Citation III,VI,VII, X, Excel & Sovereign
EMB100 Towbar Head - Embraer Phenom 100
EMB300 Towbar Head - Embraer Phenom 300
EMB500 Towbar Head - Embraer Phenom 500
ERJ145 Towbar Head - Embraer ERJ135/145/Legacy Series
FAL1 Towbar Head - Falcon 10/100-20/200
FAL2 Towbar Head - Falcon 50/900/2000 Series
FAL7X Towbar Head - Falcon 7X
G100 Towbar Head - Gulfstream G100/Astra and Westwind
G200 Towbar Head - Gulfstream G150/G200/G280/Galaxy/Dornier 328/Envoy 3
G5 Towbar Head - G2, G300-350, G400-450, G5-500/550/650
HS1 Towbar Head - Raytheon Hawker, HS-125 through 400-1000 Series
P180 Towbar Head - Piaggio P-180 Avanti
PC-12 Towbar Head - Pilatus PC-12 (all)

Product model numberAERO Towbar Trolley - RJ3
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